Hi, I’m Michael Yoshioka from Crypto Adviser LTD. Here’s a wallet & debit card for cryptocurrencies. Use your crypto assets more easily with this.

RedotPay WALLET:
RedotPay partners with Binance, offering a popular wallet & VISA debit card. Pay directly with crypto. Apply for the card by installing the wallet app from the URL, App Store, or Google Play.

Wallet Fee: Free
Card Fee: Virtual VISA $5 / Physical VISA $100
URL: https://redotpay.cards/register/

JDB Bank, Laos’s largest private bank, partners with the «Octopus» wallet. Apply for a VISA debit cash card. Withdraw cash from ATMs and make international transfers.

Wallet Fee: Free
Bank Account Fee: $800 ($300 deposit)
URL: https://laos-bank.jp/en/

Use these cards at VISA stores worldwide. Get an affiliate account by applying from the URLs above.

Affiliate rewards: Up to $40/card + up to 0.25% fee for RedotPay, and up to $150/card for JDB Bank.

For questions, contact:

Crypto Adviser LTD
Michael Yoshioka
E-mail: info@crypto-adviser.co

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